#1. Where to make money – 9 different ways in 2017

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Step #1 – 9 simple ways to make money in 2017


Where to make money in 2017? There are many different ways a person can earn money online.
Working over the internet is the same as doing it in your job, it requires a lot of work, perseverance and a dedication.

This is my list of 9 different ways where you can make money.


1.MLM. Multi-Level Marketing, also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketings. I don’t recommend it if you don’t have any experience in marketing.

Many BIG gurus started with affiliate marketing many years ago, most of them on an MLM company and they all are selling lies, hopes and hypes, just taking advantage of the people greediness.

So, if you are new, be very careful with all of these MLM companies and start with something that you can offer to the customer, a real product with no pyramid scheme, something that people will buy from you, like Amazon products, your own product or a service. 

Some of the most famous MLM marketing are: Avon, Herbalife, JeunesseIpas2, Vemma, Mary Kay                                    Image Source


2.Affiliate. Affiliate Marketing is when you refer someone to any online product, and when that person buys, you will receive a commission.

You don’t need to own a product, you sell other’s product. With some knowledge and a good product, you can make some money.

Affiliate websites: Amazon Associate, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, Shareasale, Ebay Partner, Flexoffers, Wealthy Affiliate, Awin, TradeDoubler, MarketHealth

High Commissions Affiliate Programs: BoatBooking, Sandals, AfricanPoint, Tourradar, LuxuryTravelTeam, Shopify, Essentia, MassageChair, DigitalAltitude, ClickSure, CashNetwork, StrategicProfits, JeannineYoder

Digital Products: SellFy

Image source


3.Drop Shipping. You sell fiscal items online without owning them through a supplier. Let’s say you have a blog or a Shopify Website and you are selling watches. You will sell at the normal price you find in a store. The customer buys the watch from you and you are going to send him a watch that you bought a lot cheaper.

Or simply for the product does not have to pass you, talk to the seller to send to your customer but with the highest price, the price that you are selling.
If you talk to eBay or Aliexpress supplier they will certainly do that or send as a gift. (With no price in it)

Let´s say that there is a computer desk on Ebay for $100 and you found the exact same desk for $70 in Walmart, the buyer will buy for $100 but you will send him the $70 from Walmart, you are like the middlemen.

Build your Webstore, sell the products and make money from price differences. 

Build Your Website: Shopify, Wealthy Affiliate
Product Supplier: Worldwide, Walmart, eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon




4.Services. You can offer a paid service, such as life coaching, blog coaching, making a website, writing an article, creating a logo design, a mobile app and much more. Just be sure to investigate all the legal implications and make sure you’re not claiming to be a professional if you’re not one.

You can offer your services here: Fiverr, FreelancerUpwork, KonkerUdemy, Guru, Iwriter, WeWorkRemotely, SeoClerck





5.Products. You can create your own product, such as an ebook, computer software or a t-shirt. You will then use your blog as a promotion tool to get people buying your products. As long as you create a legitimate product with lots of value, you should be able to get some buyers, but like everything else with a blog/website, you’ll need the traffic to get the sells.

Create and sell here with: Teespring, Gearbubble, Zazzle, Createspace, SpreadShirt

You can also use Shopify which is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders.


 image source



6.Videos.  Many people have made money by creating YouTube videos with products reviews or tutorials. It’s not easy to get millions of views, but once you do, you’ll start seeing some cash come in. It’s possible to get paid $1000 for each million of view depending on the content, advertising demand and time of the year.

When you upload a video add a smart description – The content of your video in Youtube is important but so is the description because it tells Youtube what other videos can be related to yours in the sidebar.
With a good description, people can read what your video is about, but also and most important, Youtube can too.
The majority of the views do not come from the subscribers, but from searches and from the one related to your content.
Use an intriguing title – Something that invokes curiosity. E.g. “10 tricks to get million of views”.    
Attractive thumbnail – Use images with faces, a beautiful girl or yourself with a catchy phrase.
Upload frequency – Upload every 3-4 days in the morning.
Post your video on Reddit.com – There is very good critique and they will tell you if your videos suck.
Keep your video over 5 minutes, 8 minutes is the sweet spot – Youtube value watch time more than they used to, create your video fun and attractive to keep your viewer on your video.
Comment on other videos – Leave a useful comment and people will check out your channel. Especially if you have a cool logo and an interesting channel.
Collaborate with others Youtubers – Don’t be afraid to ask and offer them a video for free until you get lots of new subscribers.
Reply the comments – You will get more comment and will get feedback to improve your channel.
Use a Channel Trailer – A video will automatically play each time a user enter into your channel
Use Annotations  A notifications pop up during the video and redirect the user to another video
Playlist – Put your videos in a playlist. When one video ends, it will automatically load your next video
Use Tags – Using tags, will rank higher on Youtube. Search on Google Adwords to find the best Keywords
Repeat several times the title of your video in the description  At least 3 times and also put the link to your Youtube video on it.(It will help to be visible for Google, which is important).


Struggling to get views?

1Video Sniper Pro will help you to rank #1 on Youtube.
2. Use TubeBuddy, to find the best keywords and more…
3. Buy Youtube views. BoostSocial, BuyViews, Mediaform.
4. Exchange views. AddMeFast, LikesTool, LikesPlanet.
5. Hire someone that will make a manual submission of your videos to high ranking websites. Fiverr.






7.Advertising. This is definitely the most old-school way of earning money with your site/blog. It’s also starting to become the least common way. You can sell advertising spots directly on your site or you can sign up with a company like Google AdSense who will put an Ad on your website and will pay you a percentage for every click. Either way, you won’t see lots of money from ads until your views reach thousands per day.

Where: Google Adsense, Media, Clicksor, BidVertiser





8.CPA. Cost-Per-Action. Basically, a CPA network is a network that focuses mainly on Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Acquisition advertising. It’s a type of Affiliate Marketing, but often focuses on leads over sales, you’ll get paid for every contact (email addresses, phone numbers) the users will give you. It’s a little complex, but it’s a great way to generate many leads or sales really fast. It can be tricky.

Never run an offer that hasn’t been tested before. Know your numbers through indicators like Opt-in, Conversions, EPC, etc. If you are paying for leads, make sure to only pay for Double OPT-IN, never single.

Where: MaxbountyOffervault, PeerFly, GlobalWideMedia





9.Buy a lucrative website. You can buy a website but there is a large amount of risk with buying an existing earning website and if you don’t know how to analyze a website traffic and earn potential, you can risk losing a lot of money. So If you are a beginner and you don’t have any knowledge and experience, that’s not for you. Most of the people are scamming the beginners, they inflate traffic states, they lie about the commissions they are earning, and they do all sort of cheating stuff, so if you are a beginner you possibly don’t have a sharp eye to identify all these tricky things.

If you are going to buy one, first you need to set a budget, let’s say, don’t buy a website for more than $5000. Second, you need to analyze everything about the website:

The design

The SEO (when you type a keyword related to your target, check the position in which the website appears on Google Search)

The website age

If they use an autoresponder and the content of the message

The affiliates links

How much publicity the website have

How many views per day,

How much you can potentially earn per month,

The speed of the website,

If Google didn’t de-index the website

Make some research on Google about the website’s owner to learn as much as you can about him, the traffic sources he uses, and another very important thing is to set up a meeting with the buyer by Skype and ask him to share his computer screen with you, by doing this you can verify his revenues and how much money is he making per month.

Where to buy: Flippa, Empire Flippers






Write articles and get paid. Do you want to make money anywhere in the world, simply by writing? You just need you laptot.
You can sign up with TextBroker and write any kind of article.

You can earn 5.0 cents/word, imagine the money you can earn just by writing a 1000 words article.
TextBroker will pay you.

Other sites: Iwriter, OnlineWritingJobs, Dotwriter, ProBlogger


Sell Your Photos. Make 50% every time you sell a photo.



Pay Per Instal. Earn money from each installation you generate.

Installer, Cinstaller


Transcribing. Take an audio/video file and turn it into text. You can earn up to $30.000 per year.

TigerFish, TranscribeMe


Online Chat Support. Help customers through online live chat support. Up to $30.000 per year.

Convergys, Indeed, Monster


Paid Survey. A paid survey is used to collect information about the participants, personal and economic habits. You make an online survey for market research companies and get paid. Be careful because some of them are scams. Legitimate surveys do not need your credit card information.

Superpay, Rewardingways, PrizeRebel, ClixSense



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18 thoughts on “#1. Where to make money – 9 different ways in 2017

  1. Great insight, I am still new to making money online. Still experimenting on what to do and don’t. I also seen great success story of affiliate marketer achieving great result online. Will definitely look into CPA and the site you give! Thanks mate!

    1. Thank you Ian. You can definitely achieve success online with the right orientation and work.
      If you need anything just contact me.
      I wish you all the best.

  2. You’ve listed a good number of ideas on how to make money online, thank you. I have tried some of these and what I like best is affiliate marketing. I haven’t tried CPA yet, but it sounds easier than affiliate marketing…. have you tried CPA and if so, do you think it’s easier than affiliate marketing?

    1. I prefer affiliate marketing too. I don’t have a lot of experience in CPA but my advice will be, try to get accepted in a few CPA networks and never limit yourself to just one and always be honest, CPA Networks are not there to filter out newbies, their main goal is to filter our scammers. So make sure you fill out your right address, real name, DOB etc.

  3. Really interesting article which covers all the main ways in which someone can earn online. I would just question the way you have included pyramid selling alongside MLM and Network Marketing. Pyramid schemes are illegal whereas MLM/Network Marketing are both legitimate ways to bring products to the market place. I don’t like MLM particularly – it is a hard to build up the head of steam that you need to make any real money. Unfortunately, I learned that particular lesson the hard way! Great information though – thank you.

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right, the primary difference is, with a pyramid, you would get paid a fee to recruit people into your business and with a legitimate business you only get paid from products you sold from the company to someone. Also, in a pyramid scheme, the only people who make money are those who get in first, now, if everyone has an equal opportunity to make money and become a top income-earner in the company without pressure to buy the $10000 pack to receive more and more money, i will say that is a great opportunity to join. Theses MLM companies can be legal, but how many people get seduced by all of the great promises they gave and then lose the whole money? That’s the point, we need to reflect and advice the people to be very careful.
      Thanks a lot Steve, I appreciate you

  4. If you were trying to replace your full time income because you hated working and were fed up. What route would you take. What would be your #1 choice from the list you provided. I absolutely hate doing surveys. They take way too much time to make pennies. I think it equates to ten cents an hour. Not enough. I like the idea of promoting products and services as an affiliate marketer.
    They have already invented the wheel so let’s help them sell wheels!
    Cheers, Peter

    1. Hey Peter
      Yes, absolutely surveys are not a great option to make fast money. I definitely prefer promoting product as an affiliate. MLM companies are also a great way to make a lot and fast money, but you need a lot of experience and good strategies, plus, most of the time you need to sell “lies” to get people under you and those people most of the time don’t even make a penny. If one day I found a true and honest MLM company i will jump into it 😉

  5. I would love to make videos and get paid. Apart from the advertising fees that you can get on YouTube , how do you make money. Where do the subscribers come into making money?

    1. Hi Dinh
      You get paid by views not by subscribers on YouTube, So yes having subscribers is great for a lot of reasons, but not directly for monetization of the video. To make real money you will need a lot of views, 1m+ views to receive $1k, more less.
      You can also get paid by some companies that are interested in advertising to your audience through native ads or affiliate programs that pay you for purchase, visit and recommend programs/products at the end or during the video.

  6. Hi David,

    Very informative article, thank you! I think, for me, the most appealing one is creating your own product and marketing it. There’s just something about being able to call it your own. I also like making income through YouTube videos. I feel like you’d really have to be able to hold an audience’s attention and provide immense value to start seeing some money coming in.

    Thank you for a great post!


    1. Thank You Amiel
      That’s true, being able to sell your own product have many advantage but also require much more work in the beginning. Youtube videos can make you lot of money but you need to choose very well your niche, something that you are passionate about but also many others people too.

      Wish you all the best

  7. Nice article!
    You named a few CPA sites to try out. Are these ok for beginners to sign up at, and which do you recommend the most?

    1. Thank you Jeff!
      I recommend you to start with Maxbounty or Offervault and yes there are ok for beginners.CPA Networks are not there to filter out newbies, their main goal is to filter out scammers.Be honest when sign up, don’t say that have experience if you don’t. If you are not approved send them an email asking the reasons.

  8. Hi David, thanks for the ways to earn. I was aware of CPA and purchasing a website. However I have question. If I decide to create a website of my own, how long do you think it would take for me to start getting traffic and earn money?

    1. Hi Jed, It depends of your niche and the kind of traffic you will use, if you use paid traffic you can see some results very quickly, now if you only use SEO and social media, in 2 to 3 months you should see some results.
      Wish you the best

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