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The mindset – One idea can make you successful 


Maybe you have incredible ideas and what you think is missing to put them in practice is motivation, but that´s not the case because our mind is not designed to do things that are uncomfortable, scary, unknown or difficult, our brain is designed to protect us from those things, to keep us alive.

In order to change, to build a business, to be the best parent and to do all the things that you want with your life, you’ll have to do things that are difficult, uncertain or scary.

Why it’s so hard to do the little things that will improve your life? Your mind is designed to stop you at all cost from doing anything that might hurt you.

We all have a habit of hesitation. e.g.You are sitting in a meeting and have an incredible idea and instead of just saying it, you stop, you hesitate, and don´t realize, that when you hesitate, that micro-moment, you send a distress signal to your brain and the brain start doing his job, he will stop you to protect you.
It has million different ways to do it, one is called the spotlight effect, it’s a phenomenon where your brain magnify risks to pull you way from something that he perceived to be a problem.

You can truly, trace every single problem or complaint in your life. Motivation is not what you need, you only use motivation for things that are easy to do, you will never feel motivate to do things that are tough, difficult or uncertain.
So, Stop waiting until you feel like. You are one decision away from a totally different life, job, income, relationship.
Your life comes down to ONE decision and if you change your decisions, you’ll change everything.  


Our mind always believes in everything we repeatedly think and say.
Our subconscious mind controls every aspect of our life and most of the times when we fail, it’s because our mind does not believe that we are capable due to the negative though we constantly repeat to ourself.
The subconscious mind is all the time hearing and absorbing everything we think and say, and transmit all these information to the mind.

Transform your beliefs in the ones you want, in order to achieve what you desire.

The beliefs system is very powerful if you think that you already have success, that you are making a lot of sales, you will have success. Use that in your favor and choose wisely the words you constantly repeat to yourself. So, do not focus on what you don’t want but instead, focus on what you want.

Don’t use affirmations in the future, i.g don’t say “I will have success” “I will be powerful” because your mind will not believe that you can be successful right now but only in a far future.
Use affirmations like: “I m successful” “I m powerful”. Repeat every day the ones you want to believe in.

Do not use negations in your affirmations because the subconscious mind can’t hear them, don’t say “I m not a loser”  the subconscious mind will only remember “I’m loser” and that’s not what you want.

When you are not in a good mood or feel bad, do not use these affirmations because positive words lose their power during such times, and you will lose motivations too.

The best time for you to use them it’s when you are very happy and when you feel good.

Use some happy anchors, a memory that puts you in a good state of mind. For that, remember a good moment of your life, something that you like doing, a person, anything that brings you a smile and well beings. This will transform all your energy in a very positive and open mind and everything you think, feel, say will be much more powerful.

Combine the visualization with the affirmations and you will have very good results very quickly.

Relax, breath and watch yourself already having what you most desire and then repeat those affirmations.
Visualize yourself already successful, rich, a good person, calm, happy etc., but first, be sure not to be in a negative state of mind.





In order to change your reality, you have to change your mentality and the people that surround you.
Get around people that can help you, that are smarter than you, who have gone further than you, who know what you need to do to get to the next level.
Don’t be surrounded by people who limits you, this means, people who have good intentions but provide wrong directions.

When you start something new in life, you need a lot of willingness and a clear open mind to learn more and to achieve your goals.

In marketing is the same, first, build a strong base. Identify where you are, where you’re going, what is the strategy and which path you are going to choose. If you are promoting a product, it’s very important to BELIEVE that you are selling a good product. If you don’t own the product, buy it and test it. Doing this will give you a moral authority, which is very important for developing your conviction in the moment of selling.

Is proof that 80% of the success is mental. If you always complain by saying “I can’t sell anything” or “it’s too hard”, you’ll never have success, thoughts like those make the scenario even more difficult, instead, you should think “if Mr. X can do it, I can too”. We all have the same potential, with some knowledge and practice, the success will come.

Remove the word “Try” from your vocabulary, do it or don’t do it, trying is destined to fail.

What is your goal? how much money do you want to make? 

Most people trade hours per dollars and they made maybe around $1500/month, that’s their JOB. There is nothing wrong with it, most of the people love their job but if I have to guess most of them don’t.

Let´s say that your goal is $10 000 a month.

But first, how difficult is to make $1500 per month? it’s not, all you have to do, is trade 40 hours a week and you get paid by the end of the month. The only problem with that is there’s no living, you are making somebody else rich, you trade your life for a misery salary. You cannot do much to the world, to your family, for yourself, maybe you’ ll have enough to travel one week in summer and that’s it.

If your goal is to make $10 000 a month or more, is there any mental block that you might have when it comes to reach that goal? Most of the people have one, they are living in a small box with their routine and have a lot of difficulties to extended, to get out of it.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

If your dreams are big, you will have big goals.

Money, magnify who you already are, if you are a good person, you will probably help others and your family etc, but if you are bad person or crazy, you’ll be more crazy and arrogant. 

Clear your mind to a new mindset, learn everything you can, there is tons of videos and books, explaining whatever you want to learn.

Learn every day something new. If you like marketing you should check Wealthy Affiliate. I made a review about it and there is tons of valuable information in there, I m sure you’ll be able to learn a lot in joining that program.

We are together on this road and together we are stronger. If you need any help, contact me, I will help you in my possibilities.



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10 thoughts on “The mindset training network marketing – Think Big

  1. David, I love that you acknowledge how motivation only helps us with the small things. We can only trick our subconscious minds so much. In order to do the big things, we actually need to reprogram our subconscious. Then we no longer need motivation to modify habits, our habits become in line with our goals and desires! Great article, I will definitely be checking out the other steps you have written.

  2. I totally agree with what you said here, the mindset is everything!
    What we think will make who are we! So we have to think big! Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi David,

    You are totally correct. We are our biggest enemies and by “we” I mean our way of thinking, our mindset. So in changing the way we think and believe we will change our lives. So true. So whn you say that the mind starts telling us all the reasons not to do something to “protect” us we need to start deliberately telling a different story. When our mind say we can’t we have to start shining the spotlight on the things we were successful at in the past to prove to ourselves that “yes we can”. So tell a different story. That’s my one peice of advice.

  4. Well said. Success depends greatly on our mindset. A huge problem in internet marketing is people hope so much for early success that when it doesn’t come they quit before they even had a chance. That’s why it’s important that you have a genuine passion for it. Never do it for the money. Do it because you love it and it just happens it can make you money 🙂

    1. That’s so true Michael, so many people give up because they are not making money. If we like what we are doing, it will be fun and money will come naturally when we less expect. I think when we only focus on making money, we will hardly make some.

  5. Hi David,

    it is quite interesting to see how world is evolving and to see so many books, websites and ideas that man is able to earn as much as he or she can. Actually I believe it’s true but it is true only because of the fact that the majority of people are never going to start their own business. In such scenario where every man on this planet started his own business, there would be no one who could do the hard work for him. If he would give to the hard worker way higher salary than for most businessmen the business itself would lost its value. He would basically didn’t earn enough to take the responsibility to create jobs.

    I’ve read many books, saw a lot of seminars and I am trying to evolve my own opinion on this matter. I would really love to have a serious discussion about this earning theories, because the “truth” about how this universe works has to be somewhere.

    1. Hi David, I see your point. Have you ever read any books from a different point of view? like Tibetan philosophy or Quantum science. Maybe you will find some answers. Check this link, It’s very interesting.
      I hope you found your own opinion and that we could discuss it. =)

      All the best

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