Making money home – Where to start?

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Feel overwhelmed? This step-by-step guide will help you.



It’s easy when we have knowledge and experience to make money at home, but when it’s not the case, we have to learn it. Every big marketer, once were a newbie, trying to figure out how to build a website and to get some traffic.
It’s time to start using all the knowledge you’ve gained so far and apply them to your business. Making money at home, just require having a computer.
Most of the people have tried to achieve success online, but have found some difficulties, because of some bad Gurus, lack of help or any other reasons.


 I gave you a lot of information in some previous posts and now you need to start somewhere, I will recommend and give you some tips.
But first, you need a base, a mentor, some knowledge, and help. Don’t lose all your money and time in huge online’s adventures. The idea is to start gaining some experience, so, one day you will be totally independent.
In order to succeed, first, you will need 3 things:
1. Help. (When we start something new, we all need help. Feeling frustrated, make us giving up)
2. A website & some tools. 
3. To learn and practice properly

I have already spoken a few times in other posts about a course called Wealthy Affiliate and the reason why I talk so much about it, is because I really enjoyed this course,  you have tons of help, it’s very complete and you will learn everything you need to become a great marketer.

So, if you want to learn digital marketing, it’s the perfect course for you and they also have an affiliate program, where you will be able to earn some commissions.





-Where to learn?

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has a great platform to learn affiliate marketing and to build a website.
With thousands of courses, you learn everything about marketing.
They also have a great community who helps you with all your doubts.

There are much more benefits inside, visit my full review about Wealthy Affiliate here.



-Where to make money?

1) Make Money with Dropshipping and reselling stuff online. Go to AliExpress, that is an online store which sells all kinds of things at a super cheap price. For example, they sell necklaces for $ 2 and you can resell them for $ 15 or $ 20.
You can use Shopify or WordPress to resell these items and drive traffic to your page.
Or you can create an Instagram account about your products and build a large community of followers. Pay someone who already has a page similar to yours with many followers and does shout out.
Get traffic from Instagram and retarget them through Facebook Ad.

You can have 3 or 4 different websites and then delete the ones that work less well to spend more time on the best one.


2) Make money on youtube by ranking videos. Do a review about a new product, products that have not yet been launched (launch jacking) in JVZoo or any online course and leave your affiliate link in the description so visitors can buy it.

Can be a digital product from Clickbank or a physical one from Amazon.

If you sell a digital product, to encourage them to buy, say “Just buy it and refund it after going through all the lessons” many will buy and will not ask for the refund if the product that you are promoting has a value of course.

Start with an affiliate program like  Wealthy Affiliate or/and Amazon Associates.

For a newbie, I recommend using this 2 methods first, because they are easy and safe to use.
Everybody knows what Amazon is, and who haven’t already bought something there?
Promoting Wealthy Affiliate have two great benefits, the commissions that you can earn and the fact that you learn how to do it.

With more experience, you can try other affiliate programs, CPA etc. But if you don’t have a lot of experience, you will probably lose a lot of money buying traffic and tools to make few sales or none.


-Where to build your website?

Wealthy Affiliate. You start for Free, you have 2 Websites, Live chat and personal Support and some Training.




Getresponse. One of the best and very complete. They have Landing Pages, Web Forms and much more.


-Analyzing your data?

Google Analytics. Free and awesome tool




Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc.)
Facebook Ad
Udimi (Solo Ad)
Forums (comment and engage with others)



This is the best way for you to start. It takes time to build a business, but be patient and work for it. I guarantee you will see some results if you learn and apply your lessons day by day.


Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Membership option. Perfect place for learning more about marketing and build a website.



If you have questions, I would be very pleased to help, leave your questions below!


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