#4. List of free traffic sources – Discover 6 different ways

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Step #4 – List of Free Traffic – 6 different ways



When it comes to FREE traffic, we usually think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but we can use many other tools to get traffic.

Here, I will show you my list of free traffic sources. 6 different ways to get FREE traffic.



SEO is the process of giving a website visibility or “ranking” in a search engine such as Google or Bing’s natural search results. The higher your website ranks on the search results page, the higher the visitors it can potentially receive.

SEO takes time to be done but, do not get discouraged because a long term SEO strategy will bring you the most qualified leads. Your website will be top ranked on Google if you have good content and many visitors. It’s a mix between a big quantity of traffic, quality of traffic and if your visitors come back and interact again with your site.

You need to set up the right keywords for every post and pages of your website/blog with plugins such like “All in one SEO” or “Yoast SEO”.


For a good SEO you need:

  • Title/Description. Search for keywords with little competitiveness.
  • XML Sitemap. To improve your indexing speed. With Google Webmaster Tools, submit a Sitemap URL to Google.
  • Social via SEO plugin. Associates all your accounts related to your site to the SEO plugin. Facebook page, Twitter etc.
  • Content. Write at least 1000 words per page or post. Google loves pages with a lot of information.
  • SEO friendly URL. Make sure to create the URL of your page with the right keyword in it.
  • Inbound/Outbound links. Your post should link to a similar content. A page to a next similar page or to an external link related to your content written in Wikipedia for example.
  • Optimize your images. Google looks at each of these as a piece of data. Tell Google more about your business with the right picture and give the maximum of details in the description of the photo in the edit.
  • Social Share button. Incentive the users to share your post. Install a social share plugin in your WordPress like “OnePress Social Locker” (They have to share your post so they can download a free offer), “Social Warfare”, “Sumo Share”.
  • Website load time. If it takes a long time for your website to load, it is going to hinder your ranking. Check the speed with Pingdom.


Do proper On-page, Off-page, and SMO.

On-page: It’s all that you have control over and that can change on your own website like targeted keywords in the title of each page, the Alt text to all your images, internal links, put your keywords into your URLs, headings etc.

Off-page: Is to create the authority of your website through getting links from others websites, creating backlinks.

SMO: Social media optimization. 


Create backlinks to improve your blog rankings in the search engine. But, how do you do that?

Link your website to all your social media pages, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Write down questions related to your blog in Answer Sites such like Yahoo Answers, Quora, RedditWarrior Forum, Siteowners Forum, Joomla Forum, ProWebmastersAffiliateFix, V7NGoogle Groups or Yahoo Groups and participate in the forum by leaving an answer linked to your blog.

Get backlinks from relevant niche sites, they will count as a ranking factor much better than getting backlinks from a  completely different niche site. Even if the link is no-follow, it will help you in ranking faster because Google doesn’t ignore it completely.

You can peek backlinks and domain authority ranking of your competitors with Moz or Openlinkprofiler.

A recent survey by Moz reveals that about 37% of business owners spend between $10,000 and $50,000 per month on external link building.

Use PGN (private blog networks) it’s very effective to create backlinks. PGN is a set of domains that you or another individual owns.
In most cases, is made up of expired domains, a domain that was owned at one time and had a lot of content. When a domain is no longer registered, anyone can buy it for the normal registration fee, normally about $10 – $15 US dollars.
Then you can alter the content so it relates specifically to your niche and you control the links within the domain.

But more important is that you can create and alter the “Anchor Text” that links to your website (Anchor text, is the text that appears as a hyperlink, it’s where you click on to go to another website).
Create a wide diversity of links pointing to your website with different anchor text, type of links, different pages which get linked and different websites linking back to yours
 with most of them from high-quality blogs or websites (this means big publishers, big brands, government websites and university websites).

An expired domain is likely to pass along a good amount of link juice to any website with a link from it.  Link juice can be thought of as ranking power, so an expired domain can pass more ranking power than a brand new domain because an expired domain carries more authority.

You can find expired domains here: Hammerhead Domains, PBN HQ, Expireddomains. (Don’t buy a penalized domain. Use Majestic to analyze the links or Ismywebsitepenalized)

Another way to get valuable backlinks is through Press Releases.

If you write at least 3 articles per week with attractive and good content, after 3 months, you will see positive results for sure, if don’t, it’s probably due to your niche, maybe you picked up a not very popular interest (Niche = Interest, something that you like and create a blog/site about it) or you are doing something wrong.

Set up an email list.
Do a survey to your readers to understand their needs and collect their email.
Reach another blogger in your niche to get to know and network with them.
Join a Facebook group in your niche and begin to participate and being useful there.
Get into Twitter and look for questions people are asking in your niche.

I will give you a tip to have good content. Try to answer to these 5 words:

Check this great course called Wealthy Affiliate,  you will receive a lot of help from a community of experts and teachers and learn step-by-step how to become a master in SEO, blogging, content creation, etc. Start HERE FOR FREE.


2.Social Media

To generate free traffic one of the best ways is through social media.

1. You can create a Fan Page on Facebook
2. Join Facebook groups that are in your niche, give value and search for questions to answer.
3. Create 
a profile on Instagram, Twitter,  Periscope, LinkedIn, Google+, with time and good content, you will build a strong group of fans and followers.
4. Upload tutorials videos on Youtube, leave a link to the description with a Free informative Pdf etc. capture their email address and send them your affiliate/offer link later.
5. Go to question/answer websites like Quora and search for questions related to the products that you are selling and answer to them. Try to really help them before leaving any link.
6. Find forums in your niche and give an answer with your signature. Some forums allow you to do that like
and you simply leave your link in the signature.
7. Write articles like Top 20…. Top best movies… Top 10…. Best 10… etc..


3.Twitter Search 

Twitter Search is a great tool to see what’s happening right now. You can see what people are twitting and solve their needs or problems. For example, I’m selling a product to help smokers to stop smoking, I will type the keyword Stop Smoking in the search bar and it will give me all the people who twitted something related to this topic, you can use this for any keywords related to your product.

Or I can also be more accurate by using this combination of characters: “stop smoking” -http://
The quotation marks are useful if you want to target this exact order of keywords, followed by the minus with http://to leave out any post with a link to it, we don’t need other marketers affiliate’s links. 

Now, I can approach them by answering their tweets with something like “Hey, I saw that you are struggling with a cigarette problem. Try this: (Product link). It helped a lot of people, I’m sure it will help you too”. It’s a very simple way to know about any problem the people may be facing and that you are able to solve with your product or service.

Another method is instead of replying to every people, let them find naturally your solution for them.
So, put your affiliate/Opt-in link on your Twitter home page and follow them. When they will follow you back they will see in your description, the link in your Bio.

You can also send them an automated direct message when they follow you back with DMpilot.


4.Google Alert / Google Trends

With Google Alert, you will find out about relevant posts with high traffic related to your niche as soon as they are published. Set up a Google Alerts account so that it can send you an e-mail every time a popular blogger writes an article closely related to a post you have previously published. Right away, go to the article/post of this person and leave a relevant and helpful comment, but instead of linking your name to your blog’s homepage, link it to your post on related content. In this way, when they click through, they will be on a highly relevant page that they are interested in, and because they read your comment, which was useful and unique, they already consider you as an influencer on that topic.

With Google Trends, see the latest trends, data, and visualizations from Google. Find out what’s trending near you right now find out what people are looking for on the internet right now so, that you can comment on that articles or to choose the right article to write about that will undoubtedly have a lot of Internet search.



Simply, go to a forum related to your niche and start a new thread that mentions your newest post. Just think about this, if you were at one of your favorite forums and you see a thread of a link that is actually interesting and full of useful information, wouldn’t you be inclined to check it out? Make sure your title is catchy.

WarriorForum, SiteownersForum, JoomlaForum, AffiliateFix, V7N, Reddit (You can buy in Fiverr for $4,73 someone who will post your website posts/pages on high karma verified accounts for you on Reddit or another one)


6.Traffic Exchange

Get Unlimited FREE Traffic to any website or URL. Sites like, HitLeap is a traffic exchange service, which automatically delivers free traffic to your website.

HitLeap, Traffic Ad Bar, Mgid,

Social Media Traffic exchange: LikesPlanet, LikesTool, AddMeFast



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  1. Great information here! I have recently started a website myself and was wondering some other ways to gain ranking and traffic. I didn’t really understand the back links until I just read your post. Makes complete sense now and i am going to implement it along with going to some forums and answers sites. Thank you for this information.

  2. Reading this article reminds me the amount of work needed to do after you write a post to ensure good rankings. Many people forget that the real work begins before and after the writing.

  3. Hey man! Nice post because I’ve always been curious and always finding ways on how I can get more traffic to my website legally, of course. Being a newbie to wealthy affiliate, I find information like this really useful because this is where my research begins and enable me to branch out and learn more about traffic generation. Thank you man!

  4. So many things to consider when trying to get that traffic to your website! Thanks for the great information. A few of these things I have never considered like traffic exchange. I will need to look into that. that’s not something that Google will penalize you for though is it?

    1. Hey Nathan, thanks. It depends on how you use it, normally Google will not penalise you, just don’t use with Adsense.
      The problem with traffic exchanges is its always dead traffic. They are doing the same thing you are and your website is basically ignored. You’ll get hits and thats about it. It’s just good to have a lot of traffic but someone hardly will buy something from you.

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