How to gain real followers on Instagram – 3 Simple steps

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This is the best way to gain real followers on Instagram fast.
You can get easily 100 free followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.
After one month using these methods, you will get thousands of new followers.

With over 500 million active monthly users, gaining Instagram followers is a priority for any business/company using the platform.

First, you will need to analyze your competitors.

Research: What they’re doing,
                   How they do it,
                   Why they are doing certain things in a certain way and learn from it.

Choose a story you are going to tell to the users. It could be a story of your brand, how did you get the idea etc.

Always create good content, and post at least 1 picture per week (minimum).

Make creative videos.


Make contests and campaigns. It can really help you to grow your potential viewers and will create engagement that will bring more visibility to your account and a lot of brand new people.






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I will show you 3 simple steps to get thousands of followers. Let’s say that:

  • You want to sell some t-shirts, watches or any product.
  • You want to promote your affiliate links.
  • You want to get paid for promoting other’s people affiliate links on your page.
  • You simply just want to be popular on Instagram.

For any of these reasons above, you need a lot of followers on Instagram. 




Create an account and choose an appropriate name. For this example, I will be creating an account for selling T-shirts. So, let’s get started:

Choose a name: “Fashion T-shirts”
Profile picture: The logo of your brand (Make sure that your username and profile pic are relevant to the theme of your account)
Put an URL: The site where they can buy your t-shirts, get a discount or a free gift to make them feel the need to buy.
Contacts: Your email or Whatsapp number.
Bio: Don’t leave it empty. Many potential followers decide whether to follow you or not depending on what you write.
Sync with all of your social networks: Follow your friends, they will probably follow you back.




Go to the search bar and search for a celebrity like: “Cristiano Ronaldo”,”Beyonce”,”LeonardoDiCaprio”.
It’s important that they have more than 10 million followers, pick one and follow it.

Then there is a box with “suggestions for you” that appears below with all kind of celebrities related to the first search, such like Adele, Shakira, Messi, National Geographic etc…
Follow at least 20 or 30 of them, don’t forget that they must all have more than 10 million followers.
Next, you will unfollow all of them and re-follow them again, repeat this process at least 3 times. Suddenly, you will have tons of people starting following you.

Change celebrity and do the same thing.

If your account is brand new do not follow more than 100 people in per hour, so space your followings. Follow 30 celebrities slowly and then unfollow them, but take your time. Repeat the process 3 times per hour.
1000 is the maximum amount of people you can follow per day without getting your account blocked. 

Some will unfollow you but you will still have lots of followers.
Do not make your account private, otherwise, people cannot follow you.




Another way to get followers (Effective but takes longer).

Go to “Search button” and choose “Tags”.

Search for hashtags like: #firstpost, #new or #firstpostever, generally, they are new users and they probably don’t have many likes and followers, so you can be the first to engage with them, comment and like their pictures. If you have tons of followers, they will see you as an influencer and will follow you and like your pictures.

Search also for hashtags like #follow4follow, #followback, #love #tbt, #followme, #photooftheday, #beautiful, #summer, #smile, #happy #cute, #instagood, #me, #followtrickers and do the same.
If you are selling t-shirts, like in this example, go to #tshirt, #tshirts, etc. and do the same.

Post everyday a new picture at 7am or 5pm, researchs show that these are the most effective times to post. If you don’t want to post everyday, try to post on Sundays, you’ll get more visibility due to less brands posting on that day.

Use popular hashtags so your posts can be found on the searcher such like: #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #tshirt, #follow4follow, #like4like, #tagforlike, #followback.

Use pictures with blue tones, they get 24% more likes than photos that use orange or red.

Install the “TagsForlikes” app on your phone. Copy the list of tags, then open up your Instagram and paste them into the comment box when you’re posting a picture. Within minutes, you should see tons of likes and new followers rolling in!
Another great app is “Followers”.

Geotag your pictures. Other people who have posted pictures from these locations will then be able to see your post and maybe even follow you!

You can also follow all these people and when they follow you back, just unfollow them. It is not a polite thing to do, but it works.

Use AddMeFast, it’s a FREE exchange platform, where you can grow your social presence on the top social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Google and more.

You can also buy followers at FollowLiker. MassPlanner




If you have more than 10K followers, download the Telegram App, it’s a direct message app that most of the major Instagram pages use. They are “Like groups” and “Comment groups”, and together they grow drastically. 


How does it work?

One member of the group post a picture on Instagram and all the members of the group will like and comment on that post.
Most of these members have a lot of followers from 10K to millions, so when Instagram sees a lot of high-value pages liking and commenting on a post, they think “This must be a very good post” and they place that post into the explore area in front of Instagram and make that post viral.
This kind of traffic will increase a lot your amount of followers.


Where do I find these groups?

All you have to do is message an account that has a decent number of followers and ask if they have a Telegram group. These groups have a lof of benefits having more members. With more members, higher are the chances to become viral.
So, don´t be scared to message large pages and ask them for the Telegram.


Do shoutouts

Contact a large group of Instagram and ask for to do Shoutout for shoutouts.


How do you do Shoutouts?

Contact a popular user and ask him to do shoutouts. You simply post a picture of their content, linking to their page, while they do the same for you, this cross promotion is very effective in growing both of your followers.

If you don’t have 10K followers and you want to grow fast, you can buy Shoutouts.
Search for a 5 Million follower page and pay like $100-$300 to shoutout your page.

Building your Instagram with a lot of followers can be an investment. A page with 1 Million followers, can easily bring in 5-10 thousand dollars per month by selling brand deals, shoutouts, affiliate marketing.

1 million followers is a lot of people and you won´t build it overnight but if you have like 50,000 followers it can still bring you 2-4 hundred dollars per month.






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