#2. Definition of marketing strategy – The game

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Step #2 – Be Strategic




When we talk about internet marketing strategy, we need to be much better than just good, we need to be unique, outstanding and we need to know very well our limits, what to do and not to do.


-When you use any affiliate program (Ebay, amazon, etc..) I recommend using multiple sites.

For example, make a drone affiliate store along with clothing, books and video games (all separate websites).
Instead of spending all the time on one site, make each site half decent. This way you can make an average of $375 per month per site. Since you have 4 sites you can get over $1200+. Focusing only on one niche makes it hard to get $1000+ in profit.
That’s why if you target smaller less picked over niches you may only make $10-400 per month (which is still good) but you can make multiple sites making you more money.

Also when choosing a niche pick products priced $20 – 150 that is where I found to be the best. Due to the fact you can more easily convince someone to spend $20 – 100 while it is a lot harder to sell someone on a thousand dollar tv.

-Make videos on Youtube and promote your products. Create your own channel, it will take time but with good content, it will grow fast.
If you have a friend with a channel and many subscribers, ask him if he can make one video promoting your stuff, both will win.
Another way is to contact any big/decent Youtuber and ask him to make a video about your topic and to put your affiliate link in the description and make an agreement about the profits.

-Make an Instagram account related to your niche. If you have a decent amount of followers you will make tons of sales.

-Start selling passionate niche item. Don´t use a too vast niche, select a specific niche.
Example: Cats, everybody loves cats, if you target your audience around cats you will have tons of search per day but how many of these people have a cat and will buy something from you? If you create an Ad on Google about cats, 90% of the people will open your Ad because they love cats but will not buy anything from you. So, if you create a niche about cat’s boxes or cat´s food, the people who will open your Ad, certainly have a cat and will probably buy

-Identify what makes you different, why people will buy your product or service.

-People buy emotionally, not logically. If you build a connection with the customers, 90% of the times they will buy from you.

-If you can explain the need of your clients better that they can describe themselves, they will immediately see you as an expert and connect with you.

-Never sell directly, sell indirectly.

-Customers hate to have someone selling them something, but they love to buy.

-When they search for a product to buy on the internet, most of the time they will never buy the first product they see, they will search for another ones and product’s reviews. They will buy the best product and the one they feel more familiarized with. Only after seeing 6 or 7 your product they will likely buy yours instead of another one because of the familiarization. If they don’t buy at first, at least try to get their email addresses and build your email marketing strategy.

-People are dreamers, they like to imagine how their lives will be if they have that car, that house or that perfect family with cats and dogs, etc. People buy a picture, a feeling that they have created in their minds. They want to know how to get that picture to finally be happy.
So, if you can understand what is the core desire of your client and make him believe that you have the solution for his needs because your product will change his life, you will become a good seller. (Always sell a genuine product)


What do you need?

1.A product/offer: Your own product or an affiliate product.

2.Landing Page: Try with 3 landing pages and split-test them, that´s a good strategy to see which page converts more.

3.A Hook: A catchy headline on your landing page. The big promise. The benefits. Must be very specific. Focus on one thing.

4.Lead Magnet: Can be a video or a text in your landing page. Needs to be unique, appealing, memorable. Must create positive expectations. High value.

5.Conversion: A tracking system to understand what your prospects will do, where they come from, etc.

6.Traffic: Get visitors to your product.

7.Build your list and create email sequences: Collect the prospect’s emails to offer them other products later on.

8.Leverage: Become an expert.


In order to capture their e-mails, you should give them something of value in return, like a discount or a Free Gift (a Pdf, a tutorial, etc.), because 90% of the people that visit your sales page will probably leave it without buying or providing their e-mail if you don’t offer them something.

You can also use an Exit Pop. For this, you will need to create a sales funnel. When they leave your sales page a window will appear saying “WAIT” to then, offer them something else, such like the discount or the Free Gift mentioned above. In this way, if they don’t buy you anything, at least you can capture their e-mails and build your list.         

Then, you may use your list of e-mails to create a good relationship with your prospects by giving them value or making them feel excited to open your e-mails. During the next 7 days, send them training videos or informative pdfs for free, and just after winning the customer trust, you can now send them an affiliate product that they will likely buy. Try by mixing 3 free gifts and one affiliate product/offer.


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  1. I like the sequence of instructions you present. I can follow that. A few give always before presenting​ a product is a good rule I need to try.

  2. I like your way of thinking, David. Your strategy (or plan of attack, if you will) is what people will remember you as. If you aren’t being different than the next guy, why should they purchase through your links?

    Anyway, I like your suggestions and they seem like a very viable option for someone looking to get the fancy cars and houses that you mentioned. But it is not easy and I know work is required to get all the good stuff in life. Great article and definitely an eye-opener! Cheers 🙂

  3. Interesting article but it is so true that people nowadays (like me) tend to do a lot more research and comparisons before buying, especially for big purchases. But I think if the marketer can describe the problem well enough that can resonate with the buyer, then I think there is still a chance that people will make an impulse buy emotionally. Selling indirectly is also interesting as there seems to be a need for a “call to action” at the end of the sales copy, but I understand that it is probably more important in the beginning to move potential customers to the purchasing stage first.

  4. I really like how you have explained everything into details, it was very short to the point which I like. I have learned how being strategic really plays the role in your business or anything you do in life basically. Thanks for writing this and keep writing good stuff! Cheers!

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