#5. Best paid targeted traffic – The fastest ways to get traffic

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Step #5 – Speeds up with Paid Traffic


Paid traffic is the best way to get instant visitors on your website, is the most effective and quick way to spread your business. It´s much more efficient than SEO traffic, the only drawback is that when you stop your campaign, your traffic stops too.

With the methods described below,  you can get a lot of traffic, but again, you need some experience and it would be better if you make first a test with a low budget to see how well your campaign converts.

This is my best paid targeted traffic list:



1.PPC (Google Adwords)

Is all about paying for advertising. But make no mistake, there is a great deal of search engine optimization when creating a paid ad campaign. The PPC ads show at the top of the search results page with the yellow tag labeled ‘Ad’. Below the top ad space, you will see the natural search (SEO) results displayed in the main area of the search results page. There’s a certain degree of skills you need in order to make this work. You have to understand funnels, conversions, sales copy and other concepts.
Google is the biggest search engine in the world.

Google Adwords, 7Search, Yandex (Russia only), LookSmart


2.Facebook Ads

With Facebook you can promote your website, your events, your brand, your products and much more, at a lower price than with Google but, you must be aware that Facebook users are not necessarily searching for something to buy like they could be doing it through Google. The Facebook users are normally in leisure mode, just watching pictures, videos etc.. so you must catch their attention in a strategic way to not waste your time and money without selling anything. The good side of Facebook Ads is that you can easily select the characteristics of your target: their age, their gender, their location, their interests, their studies, etc…

1. Install the Facebook Pixel, it will help you to learn what kind of people convert on your website and uses that data to show your ad to other people that are more likely to convert.

There are 3 main tools for advertising on Facebook. Each of them has a different use with advantages and disadvantages.

1.The Ad Manager. The basic online dashboard to manage your campaigns. Edit campaign easily and monitor the results and optimize them.
Managing multiple campaigns and optimize them is a bit slower.
2. Power Editor. It’s an advanced version of the Ad Manager. You can easily create, edit, duplicate campaigns and upload them. It makes easier to manage medium- large accounts with multiple campaigns and Ads set.
Can be a bit overwhelming for beginners.
3.Business Manager. Manage all your Facebook asset in one place and allow or deny access to some partners. Allow your employees to become admins. Manage how you will pay Facebook for each account.

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ad (You can also create an Instagram campaign via Facebook)


3.Yahoo (Gemini)

With Yahoo Gemini Advertiser you can import your campaign from Google Adwords. Yahoo Gemini works in the same way as Google Adwords, you create a campaign by selecting the right keywords and run the Ad. One of the benefits of using this kind of advertiser, as well as with Google Adwords and others, is that you can catch the user in the act, which means that when the user is taking action of looking for what we offer, you are showing him the Ad at that exact moment. This way of advertising is the most effective to engage people.
Google mostly dominate all over the world, but 40% in Japan and 24% in Hong Kong use Yahoo as a search engine.

Yahoo Gemini


4.Bing Ads

Bing Ads works in the same way as Google Adwords and Yahoo Ads. I recommend you to learn how to properly create an Ad because it´s important to know some basic concepts if you don’t want to lose all your money advertising. Bing it’s not as big as Google but you can create a much cheaper campaign and still very effective.
In the US 21% use Bing as a search engine, that’s a lot compared with other’s countries where only 2% to 4% use it.


5.LinkedIn Ads

Becoming an influencer on LinkedIn is a great way to complement any paid advertising. It may also be useful to know that LinkedIn recently acquired Bizo for $175 million in order to expand their advertising platform and offer more services.

Like all campaigns you need to:

1. Create great ad with a powerful title and relevant images,

2. Target your Ad to a specific audience,

3. Split-test your Ad, create at least 3 per campaign,

4. Limit your daily budget strategically. Start low ($5-$10),

5. Measure the performance of the Ad (good ads have a CTR higher than 0.025%).



6.Solo Ads

Solo ads is a popular way for digital marketers to get their message out to large numbers of targeted prospects for a relatively low cost. The basic idea is to find someone who owns a large list of subscribers which is closely related to your niche. You simply “rent” their list by paying them to send out an email you’ve written to their subscribers. In other words, if you need to promote a new product and you don’t have a list (email contact list), you pay someone who has a good/big list to promote your product.

Ex. In this example, I will use Udimi. You have feedbacks from people who already bought traffic from someone,  and it’s very important when we need to choose from who to buy when we don’t have any experience and knows nobody to recommend where to buy your Solo Ads.
Many people buy a Solo Ad from anyone, they got traffic but no sells. With time and experience, you will create your own list of seller you trust.

Go to Udimi, create an account, and use this filters : In the options, choose: “Within 14 days”, “200 visitors”, “$0,45-$0,35”, “4+Sales”.

Using this filters will help you to choose a good seller to buy traffic from. Then, search for people who reported sells and buy from one or more, but always test before with a small budget. If your ROI (Return Of Investment) is good, you can scale and buy some more traffic.

SoloAdsx  Udimi  Soloadmarketplace


7.Direct Buys

Buy an Ad space directly from the site owner. It´s very cheap and great for testing new offers. Search in Alexa.com or Quantcast for a site that has lots of traffic, then contact the website owner and ask him for a budget to buy a banner space.

Some example of websites with lots of potentials: Forbes.com, Instructables.com, etc.


8.Intermediate Buys 

Put your Ads on a site for an “x” amount per month. With this method (through a platform) you can easily find a website who will post your banner.

Buysellads.comAdonion.com, Adcash, SiteScout, Clicksor, Admedia, GoogleDisplayNetwork



Also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after the visitors leave your website. For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away.

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses a Javascript code to anonymously ‘follow’ your audience all over the Web. When a potential customer visits your site, but leave without checking out, later when they surf the web, your ad will appear to recaptures their interest.

AdRollRetargeter, PerfectAudience



You can drive traffic to your banners using AdHitz, it’s cheap and give you an opportunity to test if your ads convert or not.


11.Project Wonderful

This one is very cheap and, to be true, will not give you a good quality traffic but you can try.




Paid somebody to submit your videos, your business, website etc… to all the major community on the internet for $5 +.



13. Reddit Ad

Reddit is the most popular social news website with over 200 million users. 
You have two options, a self-serve ad that lets you buy “Sponsored Headline” and managed ads that let you buy video ads, banner ads, and mobile ads.

Reddit Ad


14.Amazon Advertising

You can use Amazon Advertising to drive traffic to get more sales on your Amazon listings, to drive traffic to your website, to get more book sales etc.
With this advertising, you can reach over 300 million users who buy and search at Amazon.

Amazon Advertising  & Ebay Advertising


15. Mobile

People are spending much more time than before on their mobile phone, they take it with them all over the place.
So why not use that as an advantage and advertise them on their mobile.

If you use Adwords, Bing or Gemini you can easily advertise on mobiles phone, but if you don’t, you can use some mobile ad networks that are good to buy traffic.

InMobi, AirPush, Go2Mobi, LeadBolt

Youtube Ad



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  1. Great list David. I have used Facebook Ads in the past with no success other than adding like to my FB page. Right now I have no page for my business because I’m really starting to despise FB. I am currently exploring Bing Ads and hope to have an ad in place by the end of the week.
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