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This website is for everybody who wants to learn digital marketing. I’m showing you where to make a website, where to get traffic and the strategies behind. If you master these 3 things, money will come naturally.

I will explain you in the simplest and shortest way possible, everything you need to know to become a Pro in this topic.



Who am I?

My name is David Jador. I started on marketing a few years ago, with no experience at all, after being attracted to make part of two pyramid scheme companies, due to their astonishing stories of success. So, I jumped in with my two feet on them, with many expectations and the desire of becoming rich quickly. I was convinced that I would make a lot of money.




This is me, some years ago, when I started on these companies, convinced that I would be rich very soon.
To acquire the full package and receive all the big commissions, I invested almost $5000 in the plans offered by these companies. But with no experience and not so much support from the community/mentor, I was destined to fail. Without knowledge or experience, it’s very complicated, so I simply lost all that money. All I had was to laugh at myself.


Later, I decided to learn everything about marketing and share it for free to help others to reach their dreams.

I first started with a $200/month course, it was mostly about strategy and traffic, but I felt that I wasn’t learning enough significative skills and it was too much theory.
Then, I discovered an online course called Wealthy Affiliate, where they explain everything from 0 to Pro, and the most important part is that they provide you a lot of help and people are very friendly, you enter into a big community of awesome people who help you at any time.
This is my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

I describe better this course on a post, you can read my article about Wealthy Affiliate here.

I gave my best on this website, so, I really hope that it can help you.

By the way, English is not my primary language, I apologize for any orthographic or grammatical error.


David J.